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The food scene in London is growing at a rapid rate. Tabun Kitchen has added to an ever growing list of Israeli restaurants, which also includes Palomar, Honey & Co and Barbary.  But Tabun Kitchen is one of the first few in London to focus purely on true Jerusalem Street Food.  Something different, unique and tasty.

Jerusalem Street Food

The emphasis of the menu mainly revolves around the idea of sharing, with a recommendation of 2-3 dishes per person. The selection ranges from mezzes and traditional plates to meaty grills.

Start off with their Grilled halloumi, full of flavour and a great mix of cheese, tomato and cabbage salad.  The cheesy flavour is well balanced by the sesame, tomato and avocado mix.  Enjoy this with their version of hummus, Udssieh, Jerusalem- style.  Although I was not able to try this type of hummus while travelling in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, the dip did go very well with the pitta bread, especially with the extra spices that were mixed together.  Although slightly oilier than most (I preferred thicker hummus), it did taste good as a starter to share.

Grilled Halloumi
Udssieh, Jerusalem-Style


Moving onto their mains, the Lamb Three Ways was the highlight of the meal.  Rich in flavour, juicy and tendor, the meat included marinated fillet, spiced kofta and tahini lamb kofta.  This again was a great combination of well cooked meat and came in a sizeable portion.  Great again with pitta bread.

Lamb Three-ways

The menu also has a selection of Manaeesh, Palestinian Pizza, arriving in smaller and more personal sized portions.  Eat this while it is hot, as the flavour unfortunately disappeared after cooling on the table.  The Za’atar Manaeesh, a thyme herb mix popular in the cuisine, did have some decent flavours.

Sweet and Happy Finish

The desert menu offers a good combination of sweets and puddings.  Although Knafeh immediately jumped out for me, it was unfortunately unavailable.  We ordered the Harrisa Cake and was delighted with the coconut flavours coming through with the sweet orange blossom syrup.  A great way to end the evening.


Harrisa Cake


Location: 77 Berwick St, London W1F 8TH

Timings: Mon – Sat: 12pm – 12am

Reservations: OpenTable

Price of Mains: 8.5-16


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