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Not food and travel related but sits broadly in the remit of things of Out of Office London.  SoFarSounds offers intimate and secret gigs and
concerts all around the world. Select on their website a concert by date and a rough
location (Soho, Kings Cross, Camden etc) and let the mystery consume
you until you arrive. The exact location will be revealed the day
before the concert and you won’t know who is performing until you are
there. Artists are mainly unknown and up and coming, but that doesn’t
reflect on the quality of the music. With singer songwriters
showcasing their latest creative works, it is often a very emotion and
connected experience for all.

Arriving and sitting on the floor of an abandoned building, old church
or other unique locations, you will feel like a proper Londoner.  BYOB
and relax as unique music unfolds. With gigs all around the world in
277 cities worldwide, you can tune in anywhere and
get access to the latest and brightest musical talents.


Notable Acts:

Ainslie Wills – Australian singer/song writer – Relaxed and highly enjoyable.

Shade’ Joseph – urban poetry, extremely relatable and engaging.

Pleasure House – indie dance pop – upbeat and fun

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