Maramia Cafe – Proper Palestinian Food

Staying close to the middle eastern flavours, Maramia Cafe offers genuine and proper Palestinian food. Hearty in flavour and filling in portions, this restaurant is recommended not only for those who seeking for something different but simply for their great flavours and deliciously meats, in homemade Maramia marinates.


Proper Palestinain Food

As with any middle eastern restaurant, starters are great for sharing. Their hummus is the closest I have had since coming back from Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem: thick, flavourful and juicy. This goes well with the flat bread and their version of babaganush. Other worthy mentions must also be given to their Sujuk, homemade Palestinian sausages made with lamb.

The restaurant itself is a great environment to relax, chat and slowly dig into those dips with a glass of Lebanese wine.  Order the Red Classic – Domaine Massaya 2012. This is a fruity Cabernet sauvignon, something I get for home!

On one side of the room is a large picture of Israel and Palestine in 1952. Showing the vast country as it used to be. If you are lucky, the owner will talk you through the map and he might even tell you where he used to live!

On the other side are black and white pictures hanging alongside a large painting of Jerusalem (view from Mount Of Olives). This was made by a regular customer and hangs fittingly on the wall. The decor of the eatery compliments the food and their music well, making a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.



Meaty Mains

The mixed grill and the Lahem Meshwiyeh (Lamb cubes) may sound like the usual dishes you get at your local Lebanese restaurant. But the Maramia marinate adds an extra dimension and complex flavours to the meat. Marinated with parsley, mint, coriander, sumac, saffron, thyme, garlic, chilli and yogurt, it adds that extra bit of complexity and delicious flavour to it.


Others may be more inclined to try something from their traditional Palestinian menu selection. The Chicken Mousakhan was something different and consists of meat between layers of pastry. This was well balanced with the caramelised onions, pine nuts and yogurt and extremely filling. Similar to a meat loaf with a middle eastern twist.

Vegetarians can try their vegetable Moussaka. Far from the usual lasagna looking dish, this moussaka is more of a vegetable stew, tasting rich and juicy.

Sweet and Happy Finish

The menu offers the usual baklava but try their Basboussa, a Palestinian cake rich in coconut and honey. Great size for sharing and just sweet enough to finish the evening off.


A truly delicious restaurant serving quality and proper Palestinian food.


Location: 48 Golborne Road, London W10 5PR

Timings: Sun – Thurs: 10 to 10 & Fri and sat: 10-12

Reservations: 0203 181 0030

Just Eat:

Price of Mains: 9.95 – 16.95


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