Le Bab

This restaurant has gained a lot of popularity recently with their renaissance project to reinvigorate kebabs with high-quality and well-sourced ingredients, using Michelin starred techniques. The team at Le Bab looks to reinvent the kebab with wood-fired flavours from the Middle East combined with tastes of East and South Asia. Simply put, they offer delicious kebabs; served in a house-made flatbread and wrapped around a selection of great flavours and ingredients.


Veggie Options

This is a fantastic place to take your vegetarian friends. Their mains consists of two vegetarian kebabs: falafel or paneer. The first is a combination of pumpkin puree, garlic toum, pickled kale and mesclun leaves – ingredients that I haven’t even heard of! The latter was a BBQ filled paneer kebab with beetroot puree, crispy onion, pickled rainbow chard stem and curry mayo. The cheesy flavours working well with the crunchy textures, with it all being pulled together with the veg puree and mayo. A great mouthful once you figured out how to wrap the food up!




Meaty Options

The non-vegetarian kebabs include a Corn Fed Chicken Shish that came with a squash hummus, garlic toum and carrots and the Herdwick Lamb Adana (curried parsnip puree, parsnip crisps, pickled onions and curry mayo). However, it was hard to resist ordering the 15-hour free range pork shawarma kebab. This was a heavenly mix of pickled kohlrabi, roasted broccoli puree and crackling, all tied up with a chermoula mayo. The flavours are interesting on its own but work well combined and each kebab seems to have an element of crunch and a combination of delicious sauces.



They certainly lived up to re-branding the kebab, not only offering well-sourced ingredients but also combining some great flavours together and making a wrap that makes you think about the different flavours in your mouth. Quite a jump from your usual kebab.



With such a heavy meal in mind, there is always time for a salad. Having remembered the fantastic endive ceviche at Foley’s, we had to try their Endive and Pomegranate Salad. With the endive sourced from Lincolnshire and the fruit from Iran, the salad came with a sumac dressing and was a refreshing bite with the kebabs.



A simple dish turned into a magnitude of combining flavours, the revolution of the kebab has truly begun.



The Details

Address: Top Floor, Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, London, W1B 5PW



Timings: Mon – Sat: 12-3, 6-11; Sun 12-7

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