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Dating back to the 90s with their original warehouse and shop in Borough market, Brindisa opened its doors as a restaurant in 2004.  A fantastic tapas bar serving authentic and classic Spanish small plates.  The decor is comfortable, the menu extensive and the food is great.  This is the perfect place to satisfy those Spanish tapas cravings.


As a blog that pretty much has an aubergine addiction, we had to try the Esalivada. This is roasted and served with peppers, onions, olives and bread.  A strange chunky texture and very different to my usual aubergine dishes, the roasted flavours came through nicely and matches well with the ingredients.



Their signature dish is Pimentos de Padron, a dish full of salted peppers.  My friend started by mentioning how this could be the dish where some of the peppers were really really spicy hot and it was a lottery game.  Luckily for us, the often misunderstood fruit did not burn our tongues.  They had a nice amount of salt and are a great dish to start a meal.


Broken Eggs

When I first visited Barcelona a few years ago, there was one simple dish that I could not have enough of.  Scrambled eggs with potatoes or Huevos Rotos is a simple dish that literally is broken eggs with potatoes.  The dish here added some cured sausages (sobrasada) which gave it that extra bit of meaty flavour.  This brought back some memories of my Spain Trip.  Simply but so delicious!



Potatas Bravas

Sticking along the lines of carbs, the Patatas Bravas y Alioli had something in it that made it irresistible.  It might be the way the potatoes were roasted or the extra seasoning of the sauce and mayo, but I just couldn’t have enough of it.  Potatoes are not really my thing, so it must be pretty good if I couldn’t control myself!



How could you have Spanish food and not have any Jamon. The selection charcuteria is a large plate of jamon, salchichon, lomo de cebo and chorizo.  Great to share with a group of friends and comparing the different types of meat.



Even after all that great food, we didn’t think anything would top it.  But the group of us were all praises for the croquettes.  Deep fried to perfection, cheese melted and oozing out and the flavours of jamon encapsulating the whole experience.  If there was one dish I would go back for, it would be this.  Eat it while it is still hot for that melted cheese.  Unbelievably delicious.

They have 5 restaurants around London for you to try or or re-experience the flavours of Spain.  This is tapas done perfectly and well worth a try.


 The Details

Timings: M-F 10-11:30; Sat: 9-11:30; Sun: 10-10

Location: 18-20 Southwark Street, SE1 1TJ

No reservations!

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